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Peer Reviewed Papers:

Waldner, F., de Abelleyra D, Verón S. R., Zhang M., Wu B., Plotnikov D., Bartalev S., Lavreniuk M., Skakun S., Kussul N., Le Maire G., Dupuy S., Jarvis I. and Defourny P. (2016). Towards a set of agrosystem-specific cropland mapping methods to address the global cropland diversity. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 37: 3196-3231.

de Abelleyra D., Verón SR (2016). Optical and RADAR remote sensing for characterization of agricultural systems in the Argentinean Pampas. The role of site-based measurements in agricultural monitoring: A workshop to promote collaborations between the USDA (NASS and LTAR) and GEOGLAM (JECAM, RAPP). May 24-26,  2016. Ames, Iowa, United States of America.

de Abelleyra D., Verón S. 2016. Caracterización, patrón espacial y controles de las rotaciones agrícolas en la Pampa Ondulada. 1ra reunión científica PNNAT-INTA. August 30-September 1, 2016. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Verón S. R., de Abelleyra D,  Lobell DL. 2015.  Impacts of recent precipitation and temperature changes on crop yields in the Pampas. Climatic Change, 130: 235-245.

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Waldner F, Diego De Abeyllera, Dmitry Plotnikov, Guerric Le Maire, Sergey Bartalev,  Stéphane Dupuy, Santiago R. Verón, Mykola Lavreniuk, Ian Jarvis, Pierre Defourny, Miao Zhang, Sergii Skakun, Nataliia Kussul. 2016. Cropland mapping in five contrasted agrosystems dominated by large sized fields (sent).

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