2015 Science Meeting Presentations

December 08 2015

Updated Meeting Agenda

Meeting Summary and Action Items

Monday (Session 1)

Monday (Session 2)

Tuesday (Session 3)

Tuesday (Session 4a)

Tuesday (Session 4b)


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Monday 16 November 2015 (Day 1)

8:30     Registration


Opening Session:

Chair: Jean-Christophe Schyns

9:00     Welcome address (Belgian Science Policy Office)

9:10     Meeting Objectives - Pierre Defourny, JECAM co-lead

9:20     JECAM network update and report back from GEOGLAM advisors comittee meeting - Ian Jarvis, JECAM co-lead

9:40     GEOGLAM: status and achievements - Michel Deshayes, GEOGLAM


1st Session: Cross JECAM Sites experiment

Chair: Olivier Leo

9:55     JECAM/SIGMA large fields experiment for cropland - Nataliia Kussul

10:15   JECAM/SEN2AGRI cross sites benchmarking for cropland - Sophie Bontemps

10:35   JECAM/SEN2AGRI cross sites benchmarking for crop type - Gérard Dedleu

10:55   Coffee Break


2nd Session: 2015 Highlights from JECAM Sites

Chair: Don Ball

11:25   SA di Areco JECAM Site (Argentina) - Diego de Abelleyra, Santiago Veron

11:40   Kyiv JECAM Site Progress (Ukraine) - Nataliia Kussul, Andrii Shelestov

11:55   Free State JECAM Site (South Africa) - Terry Newby

12:10   Shandong JECAM Site (China) - Miao Zhang

12:25   Tari JECAM Site (Taiwan) - Chen-Ru Chen

12:40   Lunch

14:00   Koutiala JECAM Site (Mali) - Pierre Sibiry Traore

14:15   Koumbia JECAM Site (Burkina Faso) - Agnès Bégué

14:30   Antsirabe JECAM Site (Madagascar) - Valentine Lebourgeois

14:45   Marrkech JECAM Site (Morocco) - Vincent Simoneaux

14:45   Merguellil JECAM Site (Tunasia) - Bernard Mougenot

15:00   Sud-Midi Pyrenees JECAM Site (France) - Gérard Dedieu

15:15   Coffee Break

15:45   Hesbaye JECAM Site (Belgium) - Aline Léonard, Cindy Delloye

16:00   Barrax JECAM Site (Spain) - Fernando Carmacho

16:15   São Paulo JECAM Site (Brazil) - Agnès Bégué

16:15   Tocantins JECAM Site (Brazil) - Agnès Bégué

16:30   Asia-Rice experiment: current achievements - Shin-Ichi Sobue (by Skype)

16:30   Demmin JECAM Site (Germany) - B. Fichtelmann

16:45   Standards for in situ LAI and biophysical variables measurements - Fernando Camacho

        Discussion towards JECAM guidelines for in situ biophysical measurements

17:30   Open discussion on exhisting JECAM guidelines and expected evolution

18:00   Adjourn


Tuesday 17 November 2015 (Day 2)

3rd Session: CEOS support from Agricultural Monitoring

Chair: Benjamin Koetz

9:00     ESA Sentinel-1 and 2 mission status - Benjamin Koetz, ESA

9:20     CEOS Update, JECAM EO data access & NASA/JECAM Cloud based SDMS - Alyssa Whitcraft, Brian Killough, NASA

9:40     The Canadian Space Agency and engagement in support of the JECAM Science objectives - Yves Crevier, CSA

10:00   PROBA-V mission status and achievements - Joost Vandenabeele, Jean-Christophe Schyns, BELSPO

10:20   Pléiades, SPOT4/5 Take 5 & Venus mission - Gérard Dedieu, CNES

10:40   Coffee Break


4th Session: Collaborative Initiatives across JECAM Sites

Chair: Yves Crevier

11:10   Data Sharing: JECAM EO and in situ data licenses - Ian Jarvis, Pierre Defourny


11:30   JECAM SAR Cross Sites multi-platform Experiment - Heather McHairn, Pierre Defourny

        Discussion on scientific objectives and joint protocols

        Update on Cloud Services supporting the 2015 Collections of Radarsat-2 and Sentinel-1 data - Ian Jarvis

12:30   Lunch


5th Session: The Way Forward

Chair: Pierre Defourny

13:45   Feedback from GEOGLAM Advisory Comittee - Alyssa Whitcraft, Ian Jarvis

14:05   SIGMA current achievements and plans - Sven Gilliams

14:25   SEN2AGRI 2016 demonstration phase - Sophie Bontemps

        GeoODK - Xavier Blaes

15:30   Building on the Minimum Datasets Concept

        Open discussion about research questions to be addressed

16:00   Forthcoming research activities

  • JECAM/SIGMA small fields experiment
  • JECAM-AGMIP joint experiement opportunities
  • Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 fusion experiment
  • UAV experiences exchange for 'in situ' calibration/validation data
  • SIGMA in situ data collection tool
  • JECAM/SEN2AGRI demonstration phase

17:00   Summary, Action Items and Closing Remarks - Ian Jarvis, Pierre Defourny

17:30   End of 2015 JECAM Science Meeting

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