2014 Science Meeting Presentations

July 28 2014

Updated Meeting Agenda

Meeting Summary and Action Items

Monday (Session 1)

Tuesday (Session 2)

Tuesday (Session 3)

Wednesday (Session 4)

Wednesday (Session 5)


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Monday 21 July 2014 (Day 1)

9:20     Meeting Objectives and Update of JECAM & GEOGLAM     

1st Session: Progress Reports from JECAM Sites

Chair:  Andrew Davidson

10:00   France JECAM Site Progress Report - Gérard Dedieu

10:20   Break

10:40   Morocco JECAM Site Progress Report - Gérard Dedieu

11:00   Tunisia JECAM Site Progress Report - Gérard Dedieu

11:20   Jiangsu JECAM Site (China) Progress Report - Shao Yun

11:40   South Nation JECAM Site (Canada) Progress Report - Heather McNairn

12:00   Red River JECAM Site (Canada) Progress Report - Heather McNairn

12:20   Lunch

13:20   CFIA-Ottawa JECAM Site (Canada) Progress Report - Elizabeth Pattey

13:40   Madagascar JECAM Site Progress Report - Agnès Bégué

14:00   Burkina Faso JECAM Site Progress Report - Agnès Bégué

14:20   Brazil – Sao Paulo JECAM Site Progress Report - Agnès Bégué

14:40   Argentina JECAM Site Progress Report - Diego de Abelleyra and Santiago Verón

15:00   Taiwan JECAM Site Progress Report - Chi-Farn Chen

15:20   Break

15:40   Ukraine JECAM Site Progress Report - Nataliia Kussul

16:00   Belgium JECAM Site Progress Report - Pierre Defourny

16:20   South Africa JECAM Site Progress Report - Renaud Mathieu

16:40   Proposed Kenya, Senegal & Tocantins JECAM Sites - Agnès Bégué

16:50   DEMMIN - Test Site for Remote Sensing in Agricultural Application - Bernd Fichtelmann

17:00   Discussion

17:45   Overview Summary of JECAM Site Reports - Ian Jarvis

18:00   Adjourn

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Tuesday 22 July 2014 (Day 2)

2nd Session: CEOS Space Agencies and Commercial Data Providers

Chair: Brian Killough

8:30     SDMS and CEOS Data Access Tools - Brian Killough

9:00     RapidEye Mission Update - Andrew Pylypchuk (BlackBridge)

9:15     CNES Mission Update - Gérard Dedieu

9:30     DLR Mission Update - Bernd Fichtelmann

9:45     JAXA Mission Update - Kei Oyoshi

10:00   DMC II Mission Update - Gary Holmes

10:15   Break

10:30   NASA Mission Update - Brian Killough

10:45   CSA Mission Update - Dean Flett

11:00   Discussion: Open Minimum EO Datasets: Issues, Challenges, and Solutions - Pierre Defourny

12:00   Lunch

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3rd Session: Collaborative Initiatives and Opportunities

Chair: Pierre Defourny

13:00   AsiaRiCE - Shin-ichi Sobue

13:20   OPTIRAD - Jon Styles

13:30   Sentinel Agri-2 - Pierre Defourny

14:00   SIGMA - Sven Gilliams

14:45   Break

15:15   Field Data Collection Tools - Pierre Defourny, Andrew Davidson

            ArcPad Demo & SIGMA Field Data App Review

15:30   Discussion and endorsement of minimum in-situ data and collection standards

17:30   Adjourn

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Wednesday 23 July 2014 (Day 3)

4th Session: Agricultural Monitoring Workshop

Chair: Ian Jarvis

9:00     Collaborative Strategy with GEOSS - WMO - Dr. Byong-Lyol Lee

9:20     SAR Agricultural Applications - Heather McNairn

            Rice Phenology - Yun Shao

            SAR Applications in Argentina - Diego de Abellyra & Santiago Verón

10:00   Break

10:30   Local Sampling to Regional and National Monitoring Frameworks - Bahram Daneshfar

11:30   Open Data Sharing Solutions - Sven Gilliams, Brian Killough

12:30   Lunch

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5th Session: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward

Chair: Chris Justice

13:30   Countries at Risk: Discussion of Research Needs - Agnès Bégué et al

14:00   What We Have Learned and How We Plan to Improve It, and Revisions to the JECAM Science Plan - Discussion with JECAM Site Leads and Data Providers 

15:10   Break

15:30   Summary, Action Items and Parking Lot       

16:00   Adjourn

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